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About Piranhas
  • Parent Meeting – April 28, 2021

    Parent Meeting: April 28, 2021 ~ 6pm to 7pm

    Acorns Golf Links | 3933 Ahne Road, Waterloo

  • When/where are practices?

    All practices are at the YMCA pool.
    Practices start on Tuesday, June 1.
    You can see all the practice details on the Practice page.

  • How often/when are the meets?

    Meets are on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

    The 2021 Swim Meet schedule can be downloaded here.

  • How much does it cost?

    How much does it cost?

    $100 first swimmer
    $75 second swimmer
    $50 for each additional swimmer

    *No work deposit or concession fees*

    Register by midnight, April 17 and receive 10% Early Bird Discount.

  • What will my swimmer learn?

    All swimmers will:

    • • Learn basic strokes, kicks and breathing techniques
    • • Develop their skills to become stronger, faster athletes
    • • Learn to work together as a team
    • • Possess good sportsmanship
    • • Encourage fellow teammates
    • • Set and achieve personal goals
    • • Be a positive asset to their team
  • From the Parents
    • We’ve been with the Piranhas for many years now and wouldn’t think of summer without swim team!
      – Returning Family
    • Miss everyone already! Thanks for a great season!
      – Lisa B
    • We'll be back next year!!
      – Joely K
    • We love our Piranha family – can’t wait to be back in the pool!
      – Happy Parent
    • Our daughter loves swimming with the Piranhas – she has a lot of fun, became a stronger athlete, and made great friends!
      – AM
    About the Waterloo Piranhas

    Waterloo Piranhas Swim Team is a family oriented team that works hard to offer your children the experience and desire to succeed not only in swimming but in life!